Animal Communication & Training,Psychic Channeling, Feng Shui  


Private Consultations with White Dragon Wisdom team- Sheryl with the White Dragon Wisdom team offers a different perspective on what may be an old or new pattern in your life that is confusing or constrictive. A session of this nature can also work with performance and relationship with your animal companion or it may just be about you and your work or personal life! See the Psychic Channeling section of this site

One Question Online: Ask One Question Online with the White Dragon Wisdom team & Sheryl and receive an intuitive answer via email.  

Initial Animal Evaluation Session:  In this session, we evaluate what is the operating relationship between you and your dog, your dog’s physical health and needs and the current stage of training.

True to the Dog Private Session: 1 hour Private training/healing sessions.

Animal Consultations: If you have questions or concerns regarding specific issues or events that have occurred or keep occurring with your animal companion, a consultation will provide you with an explanation from the animal’s perspective and a training plan to follow.

9 Star Ki Online Animal Reading: Tap in to the wisdom of Feng Shui with 9 Star KI
An Ancient Astrological view of the relationship match between you and your dog, cat, horse, or bird (or anything else in the animal kingdom with a birthdate).

Flower Essence Consultations for animals and/ or their Humans:  Flower Essences are the vibration healing tools from Nature. They can be useful in supporting the work mentioned above or alone. Sheryl connects directly with the being’s energy and determines which essence(s) are appropriate. Essences generally work for a 2-3 week period and then need to be reviewed.

Rally Obedience Practicum:
True to the Dog Training utilizes Rally Obedience as a practice for Communication and Connection with your dog.  In this one-hour class, we will explore the basic Novice exercises of Rally Obedience as a foundation building technique for partnership between you and your dog.  The action of learning and accomplishing the Rally Novice skills provides a focus for both dog and handler.  This is a good class for those who want to enhance the partnership and learn something new with their dog or want to improve your Rally skills and handling for the performance ring.

Goal Focus Program: A 6 session program to focus on your goal and implement actions to completion-be it training/competition or a life dream. The intital one and half hour session identifies the specifics of your goal and the subsequent 5 session provide the pathway to achievement.