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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient healing art of environmental balance and harmony. It has developed in different areas of China and been practiced for over 3,000 years. The words Feng (fung) Shui (Shway) mean wind and water in Chinese. In working in the environmental elements for both Humans and Animals, we create a supportive and nurturing environment to sustain the internal balance and harmony that we are working to create in the Reiki treatment.

There are three basic principals in Feng Shui:

• Everything is alive,
• Everything is connected,
• And Everything Changes.

The buildings/structures that we live and work all have energy. In Feng Shui, they are considered living bodies with their total purpose to support and nurture their inhabitants. They should be safe, comfortable, happy retreats or powerful springboards.

Often we live with "old" that is held in the objects in your home or workspace that either did not belong to you or no longer reflects who you really are now. This energy most often manifests itself as clutter, old papers that will never be read, attics and garages stuffed full of items that are never used. In Feng Shui, we "clean" out all that is not supportive. Living with what you love creates a nurturing environment. If you don't' "love it", get rid of it- it is holding you back from being in your true balance. We can then create an environment that supports you now and facilitate changes that you desire to make in your life in both your business and home.

In working with our animals, creating a warm, safe, nurturing environment sustains the internal balance and harmony that we are facilitating in Reiki treatment. If you have your dog living in external chaos in your home, it will be harder for him to hold onto the positive energy patterning of calm. Energy does flow up and down the leash or reins, so if you are uncomfortable in a space, your animals certainly are as well. They are more aware energetically and may be signaling to you a disharmony, as we will mentally override the energetic signals. When I am moving out of balance, I find all my animals start to trip me and in the moment it takes me to be annoyed, I realize that my balance is off. As soon as I start to work with that imbalance, they stop tripping me.

We use the same information to bring balance to a space as we do to the body in Shiatsu; A Balance of the 5 Elements. We use a mapping system called the Bagua as a prescription of how those elements relate in a space as was determined by the Feng Shui Masters over 3,000 years ago.

Dogs are natural Feng Shui Masters with their need for a den that is enclosed and safe. I work with your requirements and style in conjunction with the needs of your dog. This is done in a consultation format of two sessions. The initial session is when we determine your goals and your dog's needs in the home or work environment. Then I develop a plan for you and in the second session we review this plan in the environment.