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Flower Essences and Our Animal Companions

Flower Essences are the vibrational essences of flowers and plants. Essences made today may also reflect the vibrations of wild animals, and stones/gems.

They are infusions of the patterns of higher intelligence that is Nature. They are Nature's blueprints in a form that are useful for humans and their animal companions. An English homeopathic physician named Edward Bach developed the first essences in the early 1930's. Dr. Bach's approach to patients was to "see" the sick person rather than the sick body. He spent time deep listening to his patients and saw that there was a direct relationship to the mental/emotional state of his clients. He became interested in homeopathy as this modality considered the individual as well as his/her physical symptoms. He began to diagnose and treat on the “Temperamental” difficulties that were presented rather than physical examination and tests. His work confirmed his theory that "dis-ease" was not of a physical origin, but "the consolidation of mental attitude."

Thus he believed that if the mental attitude, which he termed as "negative thoughts", was overcome, the body would follow. In 1930, he left active practice and went into the country to commune with Nature for he believed that the elements needed to cure an imbalance were available in Nature. Dr. Bach went into Nature with the intellectual attitude of proving his theory. What happened is that he became very sensitive energetically to trees and flowers. He then began to embody 38 "negative thought" patterns and would wander in Nature until he found the plant, tree, or flower that would elevate the thought. From this work, he developed what we know today as the Bach Flower Remedies. Dr. Bach's story can be read in The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician by Nora Weeks.

Since Dr. Bach's discoveries, the world of essences has greatly expanded to include essences made from gems, energy vortexes, special waters, and land areas. There are essences made all over the world from such places as the Himalayas, the Amazon, Scotland, Ireland, to the Australian Bush. In the U. S, essences are made in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alaska, and New Mexico just to name a few.

So what is an essence? They are unique patterns of energy held for the individual pieces of nature called Devas. Deva is a Sanskrit word that translates as Consciousness in Nature that holds the form: the architectural blueprint for that particular plant or being. The tulip, for example, has a deva that holds the energy of the pattern of tulips. There are devas for all forms that exist on the earth and for all consciousnesses. In addition and in conjunction with the Devas are the Nature Spirits, who orchestrate the movement of energy into the form the Devas hold. They are all around us, translating the devic patterns of energy into form. It is this pattern that is transcribed into each essence.

How is an essence made? The original method is practiced by gathering the flowers from nature when they are just at the point of perfection. The remedies are made by leaving the flower out in the sun in a bowl of distilled water. The extracted essence is then diluted in water and preserved with alcohol to make a mother tincture. The resulting remedy is then diluted in spring water to make a solution that can be taken by an animal or a person.

The aspect of communication between human and Nature has greatly increased since Dr. Bach's time. Today the flowers are indicating exact times and method of how the essence is to be created. Astronomical and astrological aspects are often considered in the essence making process. The flowers often bend directly into the bowl to infuse their essence patterning without being cut.

How do essences work? The patterns of Nature communicate their energy patterns to the electrical and nervous systems of humans and animals. From this communication, our animal's bodies are able to facilitate their own innate balance from the structure that the essences provide. It is an energetic learning.

Essences can be used internally or externally with animals, as this is an energetic pattern that transmits into the energy body, which is located above and around your animal's body. To determine what essences are needed, I use an energetic method called dowsing. Once we determine what essences are appropriate, we then create a dosage bottle and use that combination for approximately a 3-week period. It becomes clear when another combination would be appropriate or if the healing process is complete as your animal will suddenly decide he doesn't want the essence anymore. The essences are always working in a positive energy pattern. They do not have any side effects in usage. If an essence is not appropriate for you or your animal's energy, it simply does not enter your energy.

The essences that I use often with animals are the Animal Wellness Collection from Green Hope Farm and Indigo Essences from Ireland.